Facebook planning to integrate messaging service in the apps WhatsApp and Instagram user

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فيس بوك تخطط لدمج خدمة الرسائل في تطبيقات واتس اب وانستجرام وماسنجرFacebook planning to integrate messaging service in the apps WhatsApp and Instagram user

Extend your network of Facebook more 3 apps popular at all if we talked about media, instant messaging and photo sharing, Facebook Messenger and Instagram and Watson’s father.

With the billions of humans that use one of these applications a day at least, it seems that the year 2019 would see the new bike through the step planned by the head of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and according to a new report.

This step, which is currently in the early stages, you will make thousands of employees are working to gradually rebuild all three services from the ground up on the site this year, once completed, will be the platforms in the work as an independent, but there will be a link between them all .

The sideburns should also : the best of what has been presented in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, through 2018

Zuckerberg aims to connect the service private message between the three apps, in the sense that someone on WhatsApp can send a private message via the app to someone else on Facebook Messenger, or on the direct messages DM in Instagram .

The report also confirms that the founder of the company is also integrating encryption end-to-end across the infrastructure as a whole, this means that the giant social media will not be able to use the data messages of its users for its benefit.

Finally, the report speaks clearly about it should be expected that there will be ads targeted by all three platforms.

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