Facebook plans to allow many employees to work from their homes permanently

Facebook company

Due to the spread of the virus COVID-19, and he had many people to work from their homes, and now Facebook has announced that it will allow many of its employees work from their homes in the future on a permanent basis.

The company currently has about 50 thousand employees, and you may end up with half of these employees work from home over the long term, although this may take a few years to get to this number. On this subject, stated the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg saying :

We will become the company’s most advanced in the field of remote work in our domain. We need to do it in a way that is thoughtful and responsible, so we’ll do it in a thoughtful manner. But I think it’s likely that over the five years to the next ten, maybe in ten years more, but somewhere in that time frame, I think that we can make about half of the company employees working remotely permanently.

The company uses a range of solutions to help team members to work from their homes, and you can find out more details about this on the official website of the company starting from the source link below.


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