Facebook plans to build its own chips for the best artificial intelligence

If Facebook recently bad than good, so it is with two things: maintaining the inviolability of personal data users and design cool hardware from Facebook. But now, judging by recent vacancies in the company, Facebook will be engaged in serious production equipment. According to Bloomberg, Facebook is looking for a Manager for the ASIC development. ASIC is Application Specific Integrated Circuit, integrated circuit of special purpose, which also is engaged: it is the processing chip that performs a specific task. The popularity of ASIC technology greatly increased amid the boom of cryptocurrencies: ASIC miners are used for bitcoin mining in larger quantities than would allow a processor or video card. Just because ASIC hardware capable of performing one task very well.

Bloomberg notes that in the case of Facebook, this vacancy could mean anything, from future headsets Oculus to the processors required for future servers Facebook. But more importantly, it is not only a new vacancy for the new design of the chips. Job posted Chapter on the development of artificial intelligence at Facebook. This means that Facebook is planning to seriously deal with the chips, which will allow you to create the best AI. Such chips can be found in smart columns, which need the AI to understand your words, or servers that handle images.

Apple, Qualcomm and Huawei produce processors for phones, intently trying to improve the handling of the forces of AI. Google and Intel are also actively exploring this area, and NVIDIA is investing billions to become the leader in this new field of chip manufacturing. Facebook could join the party.

Zuckerberg’s company has long been studying the possibility of artificial intelligence and trying to implement it into your social network. For example, AI Facebook is struggling with so-called hate speech (or simply insults and trolling on the social network), as well as trying to understand which ads will suit you better. What is troubling is the inability of Facebook to keep personal data under lock and key. New opportunities lead to new risks.


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