Facebook promise to remove the mess from the application of Facebook Messenger this year


Facebook Messenger is one of the services instant chat the most popular in the world now. This app started as a way to allow users to stay in touch with each other, but now offers a large range of basic features. It offers features such as stories, games, and the ability to send and receive funds, and the use of S automated software. As a result of the presence of all these features, it has become the app causes a lot of confusion for users, and this is something which I’ve realized Facebook company now. The company has promised now that it will remove the chaos from the application of Facebook Messenger this year.

No wonder that the company Facebook has released the application Facebook Messenger Lite for Android platform, an app that comes mainly be in providing the basic functionality for users in emerging markets. However, I have decided Facebook later version of this light app at the global level after it turns out buy Facebook that it is option favorite of millions of users around the world.

Mr. David Marcus, head of products chat in Facebook wrote a blog post recently hinted that the company has added a lot of features to the application Facebook Messenger over the past two years in order to separate it from the competitors, noting that some of these features met the approval of users, while not using the other features to do so.

Mr. David Marcus admitted that the company help create those new features, the application became confused the more. Moreover, it has stated by saying : ” our vision we invest in simplifying the large-scale development of Facebook Messenger this year. “

This is all well and good, but Facebook left us hanging somewhat, they didn’t remember us what are the parts that will be simplified in the application of Facebook Messenger, which was causing confusion for users. This important information is still missing at the moment, but supposed to get some more details in the coming days.


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