Facebook promotes its growth and moves to 2.196 million monthly users

Despite the criticism, many raised recently about the privacy of data, shown Facebook Fan High to overcome the crisis and revenue estimates on Wall Street of $ 11.41 million, the company revealed in a first quarter earnings report to 2018 for achieving revenue amounted to 11.97 million.

Added Facebook 48 million active users a day to reach 1.449 million daily active users, an increase of 3.42 per cent, which contributed to the revival of the growth of Facebook after the slowdown in the growth rate of 2.18 per cent in the previous quarter, as it added Facebook 70 million active users per month up to 2.196 million users and a growth rate of 3.14 percent, slightly slower than the growth of the previous quarter which stood at 3.39 percent, and the number of users daily and monthly increased by 13 per cent on an annual basis, which shows that the problem of Facebook not cripple its growth.

In light of the dwindling presence of Facebook on the Web, the form of mobile $ 10.7 million, or 91 percent of total advertising revenue, compared to the last quarter of last year which stood at 89%, the total profits of Facebook’s $ 4.98 million, compared to $ 4.26 billion in the previous quarter, the average income for each user 5.53 $ 30 increase per cent year on year thanks to strong gains in this quarter in Europe and Asia, Has doubled the number of Facebook employees increased by 48 per cent on an annual basis where it is now halfway to its promise to double the number of staff in recognition of the security and content of 10,000 to 20,000 in 2018.

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