Facebook provide contact information to the back of your advertisers for targeted advertising


It seems that once you get out of Facebook itself of the scandal of particularity one, find themselves embroiled in another scandal. This time come of the scandal on the form of information contact of shade, which was discovered by the website Gizmodo, in collaboration with Professor of Computer Science Alan Mislove.

Because of their report, they found that advertisers were able to target users based on information is not public. May be this information is shared with Facebook for security purposes, such as the phone number you can be reached during the recovery of your account, and so on. Test site Gizmodo professor Alan Mislove this theory where the website purchased an ad targeted where Alan Mislove, use the number a land-based Office of Alan Mislove, a number did not provide his Facebook at all, but after an hour he saw the ad anyway.

He asked Kashmir Hill of the site Gizmodo of the public relations team in the company Facebook know if they use the contact info back to advertising in the past year, but that’s what the team exiled him, but it seems that it proves the opposite. This is not just a coincidence because there are a number of other researchers who conducted tests similar and found similar results.

On this subject, stated Alan Mislove saying : ” I think that many users do not fully understand how ads work is currently targeted : these advertisers can specify all users who can see their ads, specifically by raising the users ‘ email addresses and their phone numbers and their names and birth dates etc. “ Generally, if you want to know more about the findings of the researchers, go to the site Alan Mislove for details.


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