Facebook published a document that confirms the flag prior to the cause of Cambridge Analytica

It was published by Facebook today, everyone documents new reveal about her knowledge prior to the firm (Cambridge Analytica) Cambridge Analytica was gathering data and personal files of users, and three months before the newspaper report, which revealed that research firm political, it was used the information to target voters in the American presidential election in 2016.

Documentation revealed that the staff of Facebook are starting to talk to guys, expressing their concerns about the company Cambridge Analytica in September 2015. In the documents, warned staff Facebook the British police and other external parties they use social network data in ways that may violate its policies. Staff said: they agree with the companies concerned to investigate the use of its data to Facebook.

It is believed that the correspondence between staff will lend more light on what informed his Facebook at that time and when I knew him. In April 2018, experienced (Mark Zuckerberg) – the founder and CEO of Facebook – in front of the US Senate that the company knew in 2015 that “Cambridge Analytica have bought the data of developer apps on Facebook he had got the information from the users themselves.” He added that he demanded the company delete the data and stop using Facebook data.

In the month of July past, made Securities and Exchange Commission of America’s complaint claiming that Facebook has made a statement misleading in filings of the public by claiming that the risk of misuse of the data was hypothetical, and with that she was already attached to cases of misuse.

In the complaint, said the Securities and Exchange Commission: the staff in the propaganda group of political movie they wanted to investigate the process of survey data of the potential carried out by the Cambridge Analytica in September 2015, i.e. three months before from the report of the newspaper The Guardian which revealed that the Cambridge Analytica data use facebook.

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Said Facebook in a publication on her blog Friday: the document “have the ability to confuse two different events surrounding our knowledge of our Cambridge Analytica”. Ensured that company in the publication, a link to a correspondence that was leaked earlier, which said: she’s agreed to released – any correspondence – jointly with the attorney general in the district of Columbia (Carl Racine).

A spokesman for the Office of Racine: “I have fought the district of Columbia to take out of this document to the public because we believe that the American people have the right to know what, when I knew Facebook the weaknesses in their statements. According to the talks contained in this document, employees had Facebook since September some 2015 raises alarms about the political partners and are in compliance with the policies of Facebook data”.

Said Facebook in its publication: it is at that time, “posted one Facebook employees unfounded rumors he was standing behind one of the houses in Cambridge Analytica, which claimed that the company’s analysis of the data was to take data public”. Said Facebook: the taking of data files definition of the General different from the data used by the Cambridge Analytica; he received it from friends of users who have not agreed to share their data back. And it is said that Cambridge Analytica sold; data obtained from users and their friends by making the choice of the person who developed the application developer (Alexander Kogan).

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