Facebook publishes a terms of Service New Arabic

Published Facebook terms of Service which the new application will begin by the end of next month and details about everything, including removal of content and target advertising and intellectual property rights to the user.

There’s practically no new amendments in the terms of service, but it has become simpler in view of the assessments by the different display examples of all possible cases, can be found on the updated version of them through this page.

And Facebook with the cooperation network of the European consumer protection on the re-drafting of the terms of service to be explained to the end user even knows his rights and obligations and may be exposed to during his daily on Facebook.

And across the entry to the page the terms of service available in Arabic – as language to use website – find five main sections, the first talks about the services of Facebook, the second for a car to deal with the data and the options for privacy available to the user, and the second about your commitment to Facebook and the standards of the community, and the link contains additional terms such as account suspension, or removal, and the fifth includes terms and other policies may apply to you such as financial transactions, policies, pages and payment processes and even musical content.

When you access each section you care about Will Facebook all the details are available even with examples such as pictures permitted and prohibited their publication and for each type of prohibitions.

Tell Facebook they don’t sell user data, but allows advertisers to take advantage of it by showing advertisements targeted to exactly the users who apply to them the terms they want.

Of course there are also great details in terms of Service Updated would prefer to see, or at least the sections that interest you from them.

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