Facebook put its feet in China, but not as a network of social

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Facebook is one of the many services blocked in China. This means that one of the biggest countries in the world not allowed to access the largest social network in the world. Network is still Facebook banned in the country but the company managed to put its feet in China through the launch of the company’s subsidiary in the People’s Republic of China.

I got Facebook a license to open an office in China. Will place an affiliate company amounting to approximately $ 30 million and Facebook Technology Hangzhou, as the name suggests they are located in the city of Hangzhou, where the headquarters of the company Alibaba.

Don’t expect to ease China’s restrictions on Facebook just because they opened a company subsidiary, and $ 30 million. The purpose of this subsidiary is to ” support Chinese developers, innovators and beginners“, according to facebook.

She works mainly as an incubator for startups in the country through investments in small companies, promising startups, and will also provide advice to local businesses. This is not the first center of this kind say Facebook opened for startups. It already has similar centres in other markets such as India, South Korea, France, and Brazil.

The new subsidiary is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Facebook Hong Kong Limited. Is not subject to the Office of the company in Hong Kong for the same imposed in China.


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