Facebook redesign Messenger to become more simple on the old-fashioned

فيسبوك تعيد تصميم ماسنجر ليصبح أكثر بساطة على الطراز القديم - Messenger 4

After a long period of re-designed application Messenger in different ways, decided by Facebook re-design the application of conversation Your him to become more simple, by focusing on conversations and more as we with the beginning of the application away from various additives subsequent.

The design would be the new “Messenger, 4” Custom Show talks mainly, as the icons and sections that contain games and icons and other things on the screen will disappear from the main area to make the app as messages again, not a center for treatment, but the user will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the previous games through the list of side protected by an option and not the main interface.

Will get the main interface in the application to a simplified interface containing the list of contacts and the terms of the story above it, with two icons to write a new message or take a new photo at the top on the profile picture, it will be the bottom bar containing the icons of messages, groups, and exploration.

Messenger 4

Speaking of the form of a messenger during the talks, the company has added new advantages to be the user is able to control in a better way in conversations; such as change the color of the text bubbles.

As the user will be able to share photos directly and add effects on them when they are sent, in addition to the questions and referenda. As well as the possibility of participation of the event venue on the maps directly.

And Facebook that additional advantages in its way to the app, where they will situation the night time near, in addition to access to feature a redesigned chat interface.

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