Facebook rejects lawsuit against advertising company ILikedAD out of respect

فيس بوك ترفع دعوى قضائية ضد شركة الإعلانات ILikedAD

The company Facebook filed a lawsuit in state court in California against the company ILikeAd Media International Co developers of my apps are working under it, namely Chen Xiao Cong وHuang Tao the involvement of both processes penetrate the user accounts in the region and exploitation of advertising.

Said Facebook in a statement published on its official website that in order to maintain a safe environment for its users accountable for all activity that is abusive threatening users; have filed a lawsuit on December 5, against the reality company headquartered in Hong Kong.

Where the company planted malware in advertisements containing pictures of celebrities to entice users by clicking on them, so when the user that is installing the software on his system to allow them to drive it

And then the exploitation of user accounts to promote and advertise products, not genuine, imitative types of supplements and medicines sexual weakness, where the company ILikeAD as revealed Facebook hide the destination of links that you use in their advertising through landing pages different from those used in the home.

In The did not reveal the region of the mechanism which is connected by fuel company advertisements ILikeAD behind these intrusions and illegal practices, they referred to their pursuit of the permanent development of all policies and laws for the protection of the user and its data are not exploited by advertisers.

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