Facebook reports my Rankwave ill-use data users

Before that the company continues to Facebook more criticism as a result of leaking users ‘data, and made the company’s quick action against the company Rankwave, where she was charged in the lawsuit abusing users’ data with a view to targeting advertising.

Facebook sues firm

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The company Rankwave of South Korea the latest companies that violated her contract recently with a company’s Facebook page, where it Facebook charges to conduct analyses of the data users for the purpose of targeting users of ad.

And a new report reveals that the company Rankwave gathered user data across the application works on the study of the social interactions of users to on-site users, as revealed Facebook about the abuse of the company Rankwave data after the company refused more than once the audit process initiated by Facebook since 2018.

Also confirmed Facebook to give the company Rankwave Korean a lot of time and opportunities for the approval of the audit process and demonstrate respect for company provisions of the contract, on the other hand, the company’s Facebook suspend account applications and Rankwave, also filed a lawsuit calling for the Korean company to undergo audit to prove the non-violation of the company policy of Facebook to protect users ‘ data.


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