Facebook request the financial statements to the users of the largest U.S. banks

Report for the Wall Street Journal, that Facebook requested the participation of certain financial data to its users from the US banks, which include bank cards and shopping habits as well as the balance of the accounts, and therefore enable it to offer new financial services to the users.

In response, the report said Facebook it didn’t ask for the data effectively, but seek to create a partnership between them and the banks and remittances other, in order to provide service to users via the Messenger or find the application easy to treat them with their accounts. In this step, seeking Facebook to expand their services in partnership with banks after the additions of the former services Master Card and American Express and PayPal line.

According to some sources, Facebook is in talk with some of the banks in this regard, will include the service to be provided by examination of the users for their funds via Messenger, in addition to fraud protection so that the user can track The Stock movements.

But after the recent scandal Facebook users no longer trust him as the other services, it seems that banks will be cautious in its dealings in the event of approval, would take guarantees from the company will not use user data for other purposes .

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