Facebook reveal a number of fake accounts that are removed during the past months

The company said Facebook on Wednesday: she has removed more than 3.2 million of the fake account during the period between April and September of the current year, coupled with the millions of publications that depict child abuse, and suicide.

According to the report of the supervision on the content, which is published by the giant social media of America on Wednesday, this number is equal to twice the number of fake accounts that have removed the company during the period if its from last year, as removed, then about 1.55 million accounts.

Revealed Facebook – which increases the number of users of their social networks about 2.48 million users a month – for the first time on the number of posts you have removed from the photo sharing application Instagram, which has become the other is used to spread the news fake.

The company said in its fourth report, the special supervision on content: the discovery and proactive, the content of the offending was in all of the categories on Instagram less than is the case on the Facebook app, as the company began to use many tools to detect abusive content proactively. For example, it enables these tools to discover the content associated with terrorist organizations by 98.5% of the time, and 92.2% of the time on Instagram.

Said Facebook: it has removed more than 11.6 million publications which depicts nudity and sexual exploitation of children on Facebook, 754,000 published on Instagram during the second quarter.

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Referred to to law enforcement has expressed concern about the plans of Facebook’s efforts to provide greater privacy to users by encrypting instant messaging applications of their own, which may hinder efforts to combat ill-treatment of children.

In the past month, said the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Christopher behind): the changes will transform the region into “a dream come true for predators and pornography for children”.

The Facebook also data on the actions taken on content that includes self-harm for the first time in the report. She said: it’s removed in the third quarter to about 2.5 million published images or encouraged to commit suicide, and hurting self. The company said in a publication on her blog: she’s removed also about 4.4 million publication involves a pharmaceutical sales during this quarter.

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