Facebook reveal your Portal TV-tone metal plaque camera to support video calls

Company, Facebook to provide a new generation of devices Portal smart developer particularly to support social networking between users, and today the company introduced the Device Portal TV with accessory camera to support video calls, which include a larger number of users.

Start a company Facebook in charging devices Portal new TV starting on November 5 at a price of 149 dollars, also offer a Facebook discount offer of $ 50 when you buy two of the devices Portal.

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The Device Portal TV one of the three versions announced of Facebook today, where a Portal the size of a 10-inch وPortal Mini size of 8 inches.

Supported Device Portal coupling with a TV via HDMI, and then register in Facebook account, also the user can make video calls via WhatsApp or Messenger, to to come video call in fact the highest level of encryption.

The device also comes with Facebook in your smart car to support the zoom feature and move the camera accurately while on a video call with the user’s movement in the perimeter of the room, the user can also disable camera and microphone for or fast scrolling in the front of the device.

Also the device supports take voice commands to activate the device, via the phrase “Hey Portal”, and then you can take a command request to one of the contacts registered on the user account, and also when you publish the video call the user can apply special effects actually enhanced video calls which appear on the face of the user or sound effects in video calls.

Also comes Device Portal TV with a “Story Time” which offers the user the fashion of virtual storytelling for the other party, for example, also comes Device Portal TV-style picture-in-picture, to support the follow-up presentations and content during video calls, as it supports the Water Watch video content service Amazon Prime.


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