Facebook says that a Russian attack email targeted accounts us on Instagram

ابس عربي متجر تطبيقات

فيس بوك تقول ان هجوم روسي الكتروني استهدف حسابات امريكية على انستجرامFacebook says that a Russian attack email targeted accounts American on Instagram

The company said Facebook’s network accounts on the website of Instagram operating from Russia have targeted American letters political divisive products the names of local people in the US states of Virginia and Florida.

The company explained that they suspended the account on Monday in addition to three separate networks were operating from Iran.

Reported Facebook to the Russian network ”showed some links“ with the research agency Russian internet, namely, on the one hand Washington said that Moscow used to control U.S. elections in 2016.

He said Nathaniel is director of the Internet Security Policy at Facebook, ”we see that this process is hosting the debate, the American public is largely engaged in the kind of political issues that pose a challenge and attention sometimes“.

He added, ”When it be part of what engage in topics important for the elections. But I can’t say exactly what was their purpose“.

He warned US officials that Russia, Iran and other countries might try to influence the outcome of the presidential election that will take place next year and they say they’re preparing for any signals for the impact of Foreign on social media.

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