Facebook set a property to view the profile as it looks to return

One of the advantages of useful to know the privacy sections of the profile has been available on Facebook for years across their application but they did remove them a while ago and now bring her back especially after the security problems that hit the company late last year.

Since last September canceled the Facebook the display property as a public View As to not to have discovered a vulnerability allowed hackers to steal access to 50 million accounts by exploiting the advantage linked to it.

In order to bridge that gap forced the Facebook then 90 million users log out of their account and re-entering to ensure their safety.

And the day after to ensure the closure of the gap I decided to re-view the profile as it appears publicly and easily via an icon that shows in the profile page of the Facebook application.

Unfortunately, this feature only allow to see your personal account as it seems to work, so you know what are the parts of the publications that appear for everyone, but it does not currently allow for the width of the profile as it seems to friends, which is what we need to live it not the social network the biggest as it was in the past.

As usual the water available via the update app to the latest version through the App Store on your phone.

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