Facebook sets the date for the disappearance of the "classic" design of its social network


Over the past few months, Facebook has been steadily rolling out its new design to more users. However, given the number of years that Facebook has kept its old design, we are sure that some users prefer it or feel more comfortable with it, which is why Facebook has allowed users to switch between the two designs.

Unfortunately, if you are a fan of classic design, you may want to get used to the new design because according to the company, the classic design will permanently disappear next September. This means that users will not be given a choice whether or not they want to use the old or new design, and they will have to use the new user interface.

According to Facebook, she said, “We have updated the look of www.facebook.com. If you are using the new design, you can revert to the classic design temporarily. Starting in September, everyone will have the new design. ” The new design will contain larger UI elements and more curved corners and is basically a more modern makeover.

Although the new design is functional and distinctive, it may take users for a long time to get used to it, so if you choose to continue using the classic design, it may be time to switch.


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