Facebook sign company analysis of other data because of concerns related to the use of data

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Suspended platform is social media the biggest in the world Facebook data analysis company “crimson hexagon” Crimson Hexagon and its data are accessible to the users because of the fears of the likelihood of their cooperation with data users incorrectly, this step comes as part of the mission of the organization’s ongoing data protection of its users and use Facebook data and social networks other affiliate to assist governments, including Russia, Turkey and the United States

And boasts a firm crimson hexagon Crimson Hexagon, founded in 2007 by Gary King Gary King, Director of the Institute of social science quantity in the University of Harvard and the Boston-based, with a large list of customers all over the world includes Russia, Turkey and the United States and the United Kingdom, and they collected enormous amounts of publications of the social media world of Facebook instead Twitter and Tumblr and other sources.

Police used the APIs official years ago to get the public posts and compiled for analysis for various purposes such as measuring the public opinion about a political candidate or issue, and uses artificial intelligence and image analysis to monitor social media and provide customers with information about public sentiment about their brand.

It seems that the Facebook platform was not fully aware of the extent of use of company crimson hexagon data users, but it is clear that there are many reasons that pushed Facebook to stop the police such as possession, contracts for the government, which did not have the opportunity to assess them before they become effective, and non-compliance of the rules of using your data to facebook, companies relating to possible assistance in the construction of monitoring tools.

Said Ime Archibong, Vice President of Facebook to buy products in a statement: “we are investigating the allegations about Crimson Hexagon to see if they violate any of our policies, we do not allow developers to build monitoring tools, using information from Facebook or Instagram, and we take these allegations very seriously, we have suspended this application while investigating the matter,” he added “based on our investigation, did not get crimson hexagon on any information from Facebook or Instagram inappropriately”.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company crimson hexagon currently has a contract with the Federal Agency to run the emergency FEMA to monitor discussions across the internet for various purposes related to disasters.

The company also worked with the Turkish government and the non-profit Russian named “foundation for the development of civil society”, which ties with the Kremlin, where the use of climate data to study the opinion of Russian people in the Government of President Vladimir Putin, while Turkey’s use of data to study the public reaction to its decision in 2014 to block access to Twitter.

Chris Bingham Chris Bingham, senior technology At crimson hexagon said in a statement: “crimson hexagon cooperate fully with the company Facebook, which has announced publicly that their investigation did not find so far any mistake,” he said through publication in the distinction between company Cambridge analytica, which collected the private data of Facebook users, the company crimson hexagon, which used data social media public.

Added Chris: “the system allows crimson hexagon to government clients only using the product for the specific use and the Treaty, shall not in any case monitor the status of use permitted,” but did not address in his talk the details of the company’s business in Russia and Turkey.

This step of preventive transformation in the context of Facebook after the controversy surrounding the political consulting firm of Cambridge analytica, said the Facebook platform it’s compiled inappropriately personal files for more than 80 million, and the social network for investigation by three federal agencies about their links with Cambridge analytica, the regulator has suspended more than 200 application could have access to the data since the crisis broke out.

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