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Trending social media Facebook to add some much needed features within the feature story of yours, with borrowed from the photo sharing service of not Instagram, so that the organization is working to enable use of the feature of Boomerang common within the stories of Instagram, and in addition to that, stories of Facebook will allow users to create drawings Doodles innovative that can identify what is in the frame the camera intelligently interact with it in fact even while users move the camera.

Includes John Barnett, Product Manager camera Facebook Facebook Camera from the water, called three-dimensional drawing “we wanted to give people an easy way to create what they want through augmented reality and in a free manner in the world around them”, and as the official global language, the feature might make augmented reality easy to use for younger users and beginners on the internet.

And upload to facebook, which is experiencing a crisis due to the collected data of posts and users with third parties, the legalization of feature stories yours, where the feature is designed to allow users applications Facebook mobile registration and documentation of what is happening in their lives in real time.

Can the Friends of the user access to a feature story across the upper part of the succession of news feed, although it has suffered this advantage of the slow deployment and adoption by users, prompting the company to try to promote its use across the available companies and evaluate further improvements.

Nevertheless, it is clear that things have not improved significantly, it continues to feature the stories of Instagram’s popular to a much larger and prominent in regard to users and their stories that you won’t find them within the stories Facebook.

It seems that the process of metaphor from Instagram, and to some extent of snapchat, a move makes sense for the company, as proved stories Instagram its popularity, it may also be useful to take network Facebook, which is facing the worst battles in its history, some signs and hints of other services not included by the organizers.

On a related note, have confirmed Instagram earlier this week that it is working to develop a tool through which the users to download their data existing on the region, a move long awaited significantly, comes after a lapse of 8 years from the onset of Instagram.

Facebook start by more features of Instagram

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