Facebook starts its first steps to integrate messaging applications Your of Instagram

Facebook is working to change the systems of messaging in the Instagram building on the foundations used in the messenger; and as a step preliminary to further expand the merger for other messaging apps

فيس بوك تبدأ أولى خطواتها بدمج تطبيقات المراسلة خاصتها من انستجرام

Expressed Facebook about the plan to integrate the messaging apps Your with each other in the beginning of the year on the tongue of its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg sums with a focus on strengthening all of the feature of the encrypted conversations.

To begin with the first step by the actual process of integration; where the report for Bloomberg that the engineers of Facebook are working on re-building the messaging system in the application of the Instagram, drawing on foundations and technologies used in the application of the messenger, which in turn will allow the users of Instagram to communicate with their counterparts from users Messenger.

As reported by the source, labeled system messaging on Instagram will look outwardly as is the ” less initiative”, but that the technical rules of construction of the conversation will be system Messenger.

In didn’t know the company on this news up to the minute, both in the Department of Instagram or Messenger, knowing that the previous news was that the company will not launch the system by the supplier of the conversation this year.

Correspondence between all applications

This technique will enable users to exchange messages among themselves regardless of the user’s application and the need to balance it between the sender and receiver; for example, will be able to users of Instagram or WhatsApp in the future from a reporter friend on Facebook Messenger and vice versa.

And maybe plan the last company append its name applications no role in the process of this integration, next to the target that indicated a show of their services more clearly; which also relates to the investigations of the judicial to the company from where he killed the competition and the issues of violation of laws and disrespect.

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