Facebook starts to remove the erroneous information leading to violence

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فيسبوك يبدأ في إزالة المعلومات الخاطئة المؤدية إلى العنف

Said platform is social media the biggest in the world Facebook, which is facing increasing criticism about the publications that incited violence in some countries, it will remove the erroneous information which can lead to people getting hurt physically, come in response to the product and expand the rules of its policy on the types of misinformation that will increase their response to the situations in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and India, where led to rumors that spread on Facebook to attacks in the real world.

She explained that the new rules do not apply to the social media platforms and other affiliate like WhatsApp instead, and Tessa Leon Tessa Lyons, Director of product at Facebook: “we’ve found that there are types of misinformation that is shared, in some states, which can incite tensions and lead to physical harm without an Internet connection, we are talking a greater responsibility not only to provide this kind of content but to remove it”.

And reviewed platform social media severely criticized about the way they use the organization to spread hate speech and misinformation that lead to violence, the company has struggled to achieve a balance between its belief in freedom and the expression of those concerns, particularly in countries where access to Internet is relatively recent, and news sources common address the rumors that the social media is limited.

And United Nations investigators and human rights groups in Myanmar, Facebook is facilitating the violence against the Muslims of rohingya, ethnic minority there, so by allowing the spread of false news and hate speech against Muslims, while in Sri Lanka, the lost riots broke out after the false news made the majority of the Buddhist community in the country against Muslims.

It also led to rumors on social media to the attacks in India and Mexico, although the rumors did not include any call to action in many cases, but it increased the tensions inherent.

A police spokesman said: “there are certain forms of erroneous information that contributed to the physical harm, we are in the process of policy change that will enable us to stop this kind of content, technically, will be the implementation of the policy over the coming months,” and recognize the campaign of the new ad on Facebook that the social network has lost its way.

Tried to Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO explained how the company tried to distinguish between abusive rhetoric and publications of pseudo-which can lead to bodily harm, Zuckerberg said: “I think there is a terrible situation where there is sectarian violence and the intention therefore, it is clear that the responsibility lies on the shoulders of all the players who participated there.”

Owns the social platform rules of the applicable through which to deal with the immediate threat of violence or hate speech, but she was reluctant to remove the rumors that don’t directly violated content policies.

The organization said it’s under the new rules will establish partnerships with local civil society groups to improve the wrong information in order to be removed, has already been applying the new rules in Sri Lanka, said Tessa Leon said that the company hopes to submit soon in Myanmar, before heading somewhere else.

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