Facebook Stop feature designed to enhance political discourse of urban

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Wall Street Journal reported American that Facebook started working on a feature that will encourage the opponents of political beliefs to think in a more positive way. However, this project known as ” Common Ground ” was stopped after I raised the head of global policy Facebook fears that this will lead to accusations that the site was biased against the Conservatives.

Told sources of the Wall Street Journal that the project “Common Ground” would combine several different projects ” intended to reduce the content of toxic and encourage more discussion of the Urban“, which includes changes to how the classification of a news feed, get rid of comments ” that suggest to hatred “. Hair Mr. Joel Kaplan, along with CEOs of other concerned users are affected conservative of these changes. It was reported that the project has been postponed because of fears that it would affect the interaction of users, although Facebook told The Wall Street Journal America, they continue to study the polarization on the site.

This report confirms how important it is to read of Joel Kaplan within the Department of Facebook, has expanded its role in Facebook Inc. since the presidential election in 2016, when received social network most popular in the World accusations of bias. Accordingly, notes The Wall Street Journal-American that ” the mission of Joel Kaplan has expanded significantly in the past two years“, and that he now has opinions on the launch of some affiliate products Facebook.

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