Facebook stopped 200 apps abusing user data

App Investigation and Audit

App Investigation and Audit

Posted a Facebook update about its investigation about the applications that have access to large data users and handle them, where they come to a list of 200 apps stopped its work did not reveal her name.

And Facebook to the Investigative process comprehensive that I started about the apps that have great access to the critical data, pass through two stages, the first in a comprehensive review to determine which applications have access to large data users, the second is when she has great doubts about the application of certain they experience extensive investigation over fired through his detailed questions about the app and the data they have access to it and additional scrutiny.

Tell Facebook that it had appointed a huge team of Experts as employees within the company and independent experts working on the investigation about the applications as soon as possible.

Even today has been combing through the thousands of applications and found to give 200 of them, and confirmed that it will provide any application it deems is abusing user data.

Due to the large number of applications that use the Facebook platform to reach out to data users, the process will take a relatively long time to run all of the applications, and maybe even that time be some applications active and effective still share user data with third parties.

Focuses achievement of Facebook applications that have been included in 2014 and ever since in that time the privacy policy is permissive and even pull data about the user’s friends if I didn’t use the app already, but after that time the increased constraints on applications and the practice is no longer allowed.

It is worth noting that the Facebook dedicated page to share the user if there is an application of what has been discovered and abused the use of his data, and currently know in relation to scandal Cambridge Analytica.


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