Facebook stopped selling the cheaper helmet virtual reality Oculus Go

فيس بوك توقف بيع أرخص خوذة واقع افتراضي Oculus Go

Not stop glasses cheap virtual reality of Facebook Oculus Go On Sale soon, in an effort of Oculus to push users more towards the helmet the most advanced, such as the Quest and Rift.

Will depend the App Store Oculus Store from accepting new applications or updated after December 4 next.

The users are demanding always a helmet virtual reality supports six degrees of freedom of movement, while the helmets are at least possibilities like that supports three degrees only, did not resonate well for our users.

As a result the price of its cheap old $ 199 – sometimes less due to downloads – the helmet Facebook Oculus Go not available for purchase easily due to great demand on them, especially who wants to experience this new type of product, especially it’s helmet independent, stand-alone, no need to connect with a smartphone.

Recall that Samsung and Google have their helmets virtual reality similar to that supports three degrees of freedom just like the Gear VR and Daydream, all mothballed their companies to focus on the most advanced products.



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