Facebook supports the establishment of a centre for research on the ethics of artificial intelligence

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There is some debate about the development of the technology of artificial intelligence. There are some people, like Elon Musk, who expressed concern in the past about the dangers of artificial intelligence, but as is the case with all technologies available today, we assume that it depends on how we use that technology. However, has Facebook has announced recently its support for the establishment of the Center for research on the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Will Facebook this in collaboration with the Technical University in Munich, where ” will explore the core issues that affect the use and impact of artificial intelligence “. According to Facebook, it has stated by saying : ” on Facebook, to ensure the use of responsible and thoughtful intelligence AI is the foundation for everything we do – starting from the data labels that we use, right down to the algorithms of the individual that we build, and systems that form part of them “.

It is also expected to lead Facebook to provide the research center with an initial donation of $ 7.5 million over five years, where they can also share some of the results and tools in this process. Of course, it remains to be seen how will be the final result of all of this, but the conviction of Facebook in the past political bias through the algorithm. It should be noted that Facebook is not the only one that was the so, it has been also accusing Google introduced the news that favors the political parties given to the other during search operations.


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