Facebook surprises the owners of the page tactic a new

فيس بوك تفاجيء اصحاب الصفحات بتكتيك جديد
Facebook surprises the owners page tactics new

If you have a page on the Facebook social famous, whether personal page or business, it looks like the next few days you will get news for you unpleasant.

Mark Zuckerberg announced at the end of last week about a new algorithm to display news on the times online, the network began in already applied, I would take a few weeks to even up to the masses of users.

According to the algorithm of the New, will focus on Facebook to put the content of the publications of friends and family on the timeline of your users, and dramatically display the content of the pages media and even adverts on the users.

Said network founder and CEO to this trend in the way the offer came after listening to the suggestions of users throughout the month to the last.

With a sustained decline in the stats and numbers of visitors to the pages of publications to his own, advises facebook the managers of these pages to provide content that attracts attention more, relying on video clips that get the highest possible chance to appear on the timeline .

As I walked away from my side urged to follow this page to Feature Selection (viewing first – See First in News Feed Preference) to the publication page to ensure the arrival of new updates to your followers.

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Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, January 11, 2018

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