Facebook testing a new feature on its platform was borrow it from the application Instagram

Financial Markets Wall Street Facebook, New York, USA - 29 Mar 2018

Although Facebook and WhatsApp and Instagram a platform completely different from each other, we have seen over the years how Facebook tried to offer similar features for each product of their products. For example, you think the story ( Stories ) is one of those features that we saw make their way to all three applications.

It now appears that Facebook may be interested in bringing the other advantage of Instagram to the Facebook application itself, this feature is ” popular images “. If you haven’t noticed it, it had had a Facebook recently a test where if you click the picture of a News Feed ( News Feed ), it may be noticed at the bottom that there are more pictures that you think their social network are common.

We are not sure how to specify a Facebook page that will be displayed here, but basically you will be able to continue scrolling and image search. Facebook has confirmed since then to TechCrunch they are already testing this feature and that the test was over since then. The company explained they also bring in water and to conduct more tests in the future, but it is not up to the actual confirmation on whether they will launch this feature for general users in the future.

We must point out that Facebook is performing tests between now and then for new features, so it is difficult to determine which of them may make their way to the general users.

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