Facebook the evolution of smart technology to insert the real characters in video games

The team developed the research of artificial intelligence, a subsidiary of Facebook a new technique known as Vid2Play allow the use of characters can be manipulated from video clips real people, with the aim of developing games similar to those that spread in the Eighties of the last century, such as the Game Night Trap.

He explained a team of artificial intelligence that can neural network analysis of video clips of random people doing the work, then re-create that character and movement in any environment, in a manner that lets players control using the controllers.

The team used a network of two spooky two label: Pose2Pose and Pose2Frame. Dependent mechanism of action to address the videos first in the network Pose2Pose nerve designed for specific types of actions such as dancing, tennis or fencing. Then the system determines after that place the person compared to the background in order to isolate it from the background. After that, take the network Pose2Frame person, along with remained any things kept, runs it in a new scene with minimal effects. Players can then control its movement, based on the forms of video, using controllers or keyboard.

فيسبوك تطور تقنية ذكية لإدراج شخصيات حقيقة قابلة للتحكم في ألعاب الفيديوFacebook the evolution of smart technology to insert the real characters in video games

According to the team, it took a few short video clips for each activity, such as: fencing, dancing, and tennis, to train the system. After that the system was able to filter out other people and to compensate for different camera angles.

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The research includes a technique of “packing knowledge of content” with Adobe, which also used the artificial intelligence to remove the elements of video, such as tourists or garbage cans. We have used other companies, such as: Nvidia, artificial intelligence to build technique called the analysis of video realism to natural areas suitable for games.

Aim and Facebook through technology Vid2Play to make practice games with features that are more personal, allowing players to insert their personality or personal YouTube favorite in games. The panel wrote: “it’s related to the problem of calculation did not meet the full before, paving the way for the creation of video games graphics realistic”.

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