Facebook: the world sends 900 million “iron” on the “messenger” daily


Celebrated the world last Tuesday, 17 July, 2018, the day seemed world, today unveiled Facebook about the new numbers reflect how the attention of users emoji, which the company said it is sending more than 900 million symbol expression other every day, without text, application Messenger for instant messaging.

She explained that five more emoticons used on Facebook Messenger is “the face that is crying with laughter, a face that includes hearts in the eye area, the face that sends the kiss, the symbol of the heart and cheeks of the expected”, the company said it has been used the heart symbol in all over the world during the second quarter of 2018, twice more than the same time last year.

الرموز الأكثر استخداماThe most commonly used symbols

In total, nearly 2800 code expression the other and use them all almost about 2300 times a day on Facebook, and the company noted that the biggest day to send emoji around the world is 31 December, which is New Year’s Eve.

It is worth noting that since its establishment in 1999, she received the emoji popular, it is no longer just the young they turn to express their feelings, they now are use emoji regularly by more than 77% of people between the ages of 56 and 64 years old, this according to a study conducted in 2017.

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