Facebook thought about the possibility of selling users ‘ data

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Suggest documents Facebook of the interior, which was seized by the British legislators that the giant of social networking has in the past thinking about the issue of selling access to user data, according to excerpts obtained by The Wall Street Journal, The Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has said in the month of April last before the members of Congress: “I can’t be more obvious in this theme. We don’t sell data, and that’s not how ads work”, but these documents suggest that it was under study internally in the company between the years 2012 and 2014.

Struggled to Facebook during that time to produce income after subtracting its IPO initial public, and discussed the staff of Facebook encouraged advertisers to spend more money on the service in exchange for increased access to user information, where the issue of achieving income through the sale of user data to the reflection of a sexy control the giant company the protracted non-sale of that information.

The documents show proposal to a member of staff in one case, turn off data access unless the implementation of the company 250 thousand dollars a year to maintain access, while one of the employees of Facebook in another email about talks strategy with Amazon to avoid the talks disappointing about getting less data in the future.

And pay concerns raised by the Royal Bank of Canada on restricting access to data staff members in the Facebook to to ask in an email about the amount of spending on advertising which was approved by the bank, it is not clear whether these e-mails have been sent by one employee or several employees.

It was possible at the time of e-mail messages to the developers of external actors not only see the data of users who have interacted with their apps, but also with their friends, the company realized that they had provided valuable data to developers without that benefit them, this was the job that allowed the development of This Is Your Digital Life, who was responsible for harvesting data Cambridge Analytica Cambridge Analytica, get the ultimate data 87 million accounts.

Despite that thousands of users have already agreed basically on giving the software developer the possibility of access to their information, they have closed Facebook these gaps in 2015, but emails obtained by The Wall Street Journal suggest that the company thought about the possibility of providing continuous access to data in exchange for financial compensation.

She explained a spokeswoman for Facebook, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, “We had a lot of internal conversations about how to do this, and you’re trying to figure out how to build a sustainable business,” she said to the talks that have been in e-mail messages was years ago, and that the company ultimately decided not to impose fees on access to user data, and documents are presented in a misleading way out of context.

He said Konstantinos parameter Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, director of platforms and programmes to the developers of Facebook, in a statement: “imposing the court of the state of California speed on the evidence, so now we can refute every accusation is false, and we enjoy the changes that we have had in 2015 on the platform to prevent anyone from viewing the data of his friends with the developers”.

He added: “to be clear, I never buy a Facebook to sold the data to anyone at all, it was our APIs always free, and we ask software developers to pay to use it, either directly or through the purchase of ads”, there is no evidence that Facebook has followed any of these discussions, and does not indicate e-mail messages that Zuckerberg had lied to members of Congress.

Showed mail messages that in the aftermath of the declaration of turning Facebook into a public company in 2012, she was extremely interested and worried about their sources of income, and that the idea of selling user data was at least on the table for consideration, is expected to show more of the answers to the many questions over the next week when those are published internal documents.

The gate Arab News Technical Facebook thought about the possibility of selling users ‘ data

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