Facebook to cut ties with data brokers in an attempt to regain the trust of users


Facebook is facing a lot of trouble lately because of the scandal the privacy that the company found itself involved in. Was expressed to the many persons expressed their concern about personal data collected by Facebook in the past, but we assume that this latest incident is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Since then, Facebook began to look for ways to deal with this problem restoring the trust of its users.

In trying to the last to regain the trust of users, Facebook announced that it would cut ties with many of the brokers of Big Data who are using data from Facebook to help advertisers target customers on the platform of social media. According to Graham Mudd, which is one of the marketing managers at the company Facebook, it appears that this has been implemented over the past few months so that he stated by saying : ” while this is a common practice in the area, we believe that this step, which will expire in the next six months, will help to improve the privacy of people on Facebook “.

As we have said, trying to facebook now to come up with ways to deal with the fallout from the scandal, among the latest efforts made by Facebook lately, we facilitate the process of access to privacy tools, allowing users to modify their privacy settings in an easier way. Of course, it remains to be seen if that was enough to regain the trust of customers or not, but even now, many companies stand against.

For example, the company Tesla recently deleted the official page on Facebook. The company said Mozilla and Sonos also withdraw their advertising on the social network.



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