Facebook to provide content creators with new tools and provide a property schedule laser IGTV

فيس بوك تزود منشئ المحتوى بأدوات جديدة وتوفر خاصية الجدولة لانستجرام IGTVFacebook

Announced the Lady of the house to the largest social Global Facebook for the strengthening of broadcasting services and videos; and including also service Instagram and IGTV more tools to facilitate the work of the pioneers of the makers and publishers of visual content.

Came where the company unveiled these new tools today, through the conference of IBC 2019, held in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Where the company added a number of features consist mainly in facilitating editing operations for live broadcast and publish videos to the owners page on Facebook, and add new features for group viewing “Watch Party, with a system update to monitor the performance of the video advice on the product, as that feature IGTV in Instagram had has the scheduling period of up to six months.

  • Live streaming in Facebook

At this level the Facebook provide many tools for health and comply with the suggestions and reviews of previous audience, the purpose of which access to perform professional operations of the broadcast on the home discourage users from resorting to other platforms to do the research and to add the following:

The experience of the broadcast or a rehearsal of a specific step scale for Page admins and staff just before the expansion of the milk and targeting the audience fully.

The processing of the beginning and end of the broadcast where they will become content publishers are able to get rid of the beginning and end of the video the gas terrified the show subtly higher quality.

Broadcast for eight hours straight, twice the cities that were allowed previously and in four hours only.

Sync broadcast via third-party apps , which will in turn target audience the makers of the content outside of Facebook via the access region synchronization broadcast through with the broadcast services of the other, knowing that the House provided a broadcast service through the lite version of the application Facebook Lite recently too.

  • Group viewing “Party Watch”

Attached to the house a number of features with the viewing Assembly in the last update, namely :

Great viewing to allow owners of pages to scheduling a video broadcast time excluded from it in an alert to follow the event by the duration of the broadcast.

Support responses than with live commentary from viewers on the video and add interactive atmosphere by having their opinions the time of the show.

  • Studio content creators to “Creator Studio”

Creator Studio or studio content creators on Facebook is the tool used by the owner of my shop pages in the publication tomorrow’s video round and monitor the activity and interaction through their Facebook and Instagram both buck and I got to face the challenge in the studio on new updates, namely :

Interface based forecast allows owners of pages from content creator to read the tendencies of the audience through the exhibition of more video no to deal and avoid the viewers and thus help them in targeting the audience video to meet their desires.

A new measure of performance videos score the performance of each video based on the averaging time of the page based on criteria, will be launching this feature within the next few months.

Support more than 13 languages for the description of the automatic video include Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Indian, Turkish and others.

Schedule the publication of Instagram and IGTV

The company announced that would allow content creators a property schedule published in Instagram and through their channels in the IGTV in up the maximum of six months, as it will continue in the coming months, the options to save drafts and edit for organization consultations also.

It is worth noting that Facebook has already made available these tools for content creators than the owners of the pages on its platform marital, in the time that they were watching in the arena under the title of coming soon or the fact that it doesn’t work currently.

On the whole an excellent move is definitely the target group and also to strengthen the orientation of its steel in the market is the largest, as long as the structure and kill the competitors the easiest way to stay.



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