Facebook to publication your own to train artificial intelligence

Revealed a new report published by Reuters about the cooperation of Facebook with the number of employees on the form of temporary contracts to train the artificial intelligence systems through informing them on the publication of your own, whether on Facebook or Instagram.

She explained to Reuters that the contractors with Facebook pointing to the publications that they call it one of five main classifications depending on their content, such as ( Silva, food, natural sights and famous) or appropriate publication ( the effectiveness belonging to the user’s life, a particular activity) and the elements of self-expression ( opinions, feelings) and the intentions of the user ( planning events, inspiring others) and publication ( home, school, work, etc.

And contractors on the samples of the publications of the users include the publications of the screen shots, the publications with comments, sometimes include your user name to the author of the publication and other sensitive information.

As you can see here we are contractors and are not officials at Facebook, where the company had to contract with a company Wipro of India, which employs 260 people to help Facebook in the training of the artificial through the presentation of content on it and observe how you know him.

Reuters indicated that the cooperation of Facebook with the listed company Old until 2014.

Human intervention in the training systems of the Artificial has a vital role and decisive in improving the accuracy of the results by identifying the content of the publications and audio and use them for the benefit of the user and through targeted advertising or the proposal of events or groups or friends.

On the other hand meet the Reuters source did not disclose the identity of his works for Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp Indian say it works with 500 people and at least another in search for sensitive information or control the use of words of profanity or foul language in videos Facebook.

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