Facebook to reveal more emoji use on the occasion of the World Day of leisure

فيس بوك تكشف عن أكثر الرموز التعبيرية استخدامًا بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للإيموجي

Married today, July 17 with today’s world crime which have become common usage on all the networks. While a person can write and express his characters, the anime or emoji expression sometimes too many words with the short. Coinciding with this day, revealed the company’s Facebook for more of the symbols used on the product.

And the Facebook info about that: “I have demonstrated history always sound more expressive than words, thanks to the proliferation of methods of communication via photos, emoji, dating community today to recognize and more on those styles of Expressionism. Pay them the desire to solidify the value of intimacy and love amidst this bustling world, there is a desire to have members of the community to think and share their thoughts and feelings through communication in between them. It seems so obvious in the people use the language of the new faces emoji “anime” and animation format GIF and messages supported in the camera, which helps them to express themselves in a manner more energetic. Given the circumstances and unprecedented that today’s survival for a longer time inside the House of us, they have become the faces expressive and more closely related to our needs and expressive than ever before.”

In a there are dozens of emoji on the region, the most population of the world on some icons more than others in their lives and use everyday, especially the face icon with tears of joy, heart, red, black heart is heavy, smiling face with the eyes of the heart-shaped face that’s rolling on the floor laughing, the face that sends the kiss, rose, heart, glossy, heart symbol, heart broken which are more 10 codes used.

Account Facebook popular symbols of hearts and smileys among the people in the Arab region and the Middle East and North Africa, the proliferation of positive mental, which were still enjoyed by the community even in times filled with negative emotions, challenges and unfamiliar.

Noted Facebook to the list of countries most commonly used emoticons in the Middle East and North Africa include:

  1. Egypt: 3.4+ million comment.
  2. Algeria: 3.4+ million comment.
  3. Morocco: 1.2+ million comment.
  4. Saudi Arabia: 900+ thousand comment.
  5. UAE: 600+ thousand comment.

Here in the picture, the following ten most expressive faces in the area:

فيس بوك إيموجي - رموز تعبيرية - Facebook emoji

It should be noted that Facebook has analyzed the use of being expressive in the comments from 7 April to 7 July 2020, and noted that they had compiled data without disclosing personal data in conjunction with its announcement in today’s world crime.

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