Facebook to settle with a company selling likes fake

Ended a case brought by Facebook on company of New Zealand was responsible for selling the likes of the Phantom where it had settled with her.

Was Facebook brought the case in April against the company’s Social Media Series Limited and its responsibility to the millions of likes the illusion that the bot is programmed so as on Facebook and Instagram.

The face of Facebook the charge of computer-related fraud and abuse of computer systems of the company, did not disclose details of the settlement of the case nor the financial terms of no and other limitations which may be imposed by Facebook so as not to incur such an incident.

And Facebook years ago of this case, and in the current year, several lawsuits about the companies that sell bot software or rent according to usage as well as software to collect data and farms of likes so as to follow the behavior of the characters is intact on the social network.

Since the issue of the Cambridge sales continue to Facebook much criticism about allowing external companies to collect data about users without their knowledge.

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