Facebook tracks you even if you are not using

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In the wake of the scandal data analysis company in Cambridge analytica experienced by the social network Facebook and the feedback from users of the product, and at the time you feel where your friends are concerned about the use of their personal data without permission. you must feel safe depending on the failure you register an account with the service and that your personal information remains out of the clutches of Facebook.

It seems that things are not well, as it turns out that Facebook works to gather as much data as possible for the largest possible number of people, in order to provide targeted advertising accurately, and for this purpose you get the social network on the information about you from many sources, not just your profile on the platform, as during the certification Mark Zuckerberg founder and CEO of the company stated that his company’s tracking of Internet users who did not participate in Facebook.

Replied zuckerberg in response to a question from Ben Ray Luján representative County New Mexico in Congress that the company Facebook tracking non users for security reasons, this means that non-participants do not have the slightest idea about the information I got Facebook about them, which is a source of concern for legislators in Congress, who have put new laws are being applied against the social media platform and other platforms are similar in principle and function.

The representative of the county of New Mexico that Congress should fix it, in a clear reference to the process that force users are not members of Facebook to participate in the service if they want to know their own personal information obtained by the police, the police’s response was that they do not have any plans at present to develop a method that allows non-users access to their personal data the company collects.

Contributed to the responses of the CEO to increase the discomfort to the call of politicians and privacy advocates, said Chris Calabrese, Vice President for policy at the center for Democracy and technology, said that Facebook Inc. need to detect what you’re doing with all this information, while one of the lawmakers on Mark Zuckerberg “I talked to the uncle of the possibility of control Facebook users their statements, but your company collect data on people who aren’t users of so, and did not sign they would never consent or agreement of privacy”.

Explained Facebook in a statement received by Reuters a copy of “this type of data collection processes fundamental to how the internet works”, as it used cookies to collect data non-users, so that people can’t get rid of it, according to the house there are basic things you can do to reduce the use of such information for ads, such as the use of the browser or device settings to delete cookies.

It should be noted to stop some cyber security experts see the company executives other technology such as Google, Amazon, Twitter and soon in the hearings to testify on Capitol Hill.

Facebook tracks you even if you are not using

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