Facebook trying to Facebook likes fake on Instagram

Company has taken the Facebook today strict procedures against services that is with the help of the users of the platform Instagram to buy large numbers of followers, the social network said: she filed a lawsuit before the US Federal Court against the company, its headquarters is located in New Zealand runs a service to buy followers.

Andshe said Jessica Romero Jessica Romero, responsible for the litigation within Facebook: “the police, the three individuals targeted in the suit run the service to raise the level of accounts Instagram through the support of their followers, and views, the ideas, the fake”.

“Through the lifting of the lawsuit, we are sending a clear message that this type of fraudulent activity is not permitted on our services, we will work to protect the integrity of our platform”.

And the lawsuit from the court preventing the defendants from engaging profit by selling likes, views and fans the illusion of the two on Instagram, and not a violation of the terms of Use and guidance of society, and violation of the Fraud Act and other laws of California for sale likes a fake.

Overlooking the reality company based in New Zealand the name of the Social Media Series Limited, the complaint alleges that the company and individuals use companies and websites different to sell services to avoid the fake users of Instagram.

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Explained company social media it is suspended in the earlier accounts associated with the defendant, and warned them formally via a letter that they violate the terms of service at Instagram, however, The their activity level.

Description responsible for the litigation within the Facebook lawsuit as part of an ongoing effort to prevent fraudulent activity in a range of Facebook services, which include platform to share photos and videos Instagram.

The action comes after months of the issuance of the report reveals the presence of 17 service to sell followers use network own ads instead to view the services of delusional thinking on the users of the product.

Recall that Facebook has suffered, along with many social media platforms and other online, pressure in order to prevent trickery and deception, prompting them to intensify their efforts to suppress the incorrect behavior on the platform in recent months, the allocation of significant resources to discover this behavior on and off.

This included the Prohibition of the creation and use of phony accounts, and prepare technology, machine learning to find the activity of untrusted and remove it from Instagram, along with removal accounts, photos from Facebook, instead, in countries including India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom, Romania, Iran, Russia, Macedonia, and Kosovo.

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