Facebook uploaded contacts to 1.5 million e-mail unintentionally!

Did Facebook raise your contact data and email addresses of the friends more than 1.5 million users without their knowledge or permission by the owners.

I thought Facebook it where it was by a special system is used to verify the members and new users.

Got the bus in May of 2016 when the text has been modified and the path that users are prompted to optionally enter the data in their email for the contacts and submit them to Facebook in order to search for the accounts of friends in the social network.

Requested the Facebook new users to provide a password for the account and their email, and then I took a copy of the contacts they have.

Conducted Facebook the necessary adjustments to prevent recurrence of this. Will inform the affected users of this and she will know all the data contacts collected inadvertently.

And used the social network data collected from its users in order to draw a map showing the cross personal, social and between users, in order to suggest new friends.

Come this security problem a month after the scandal was exposed on Facebook when I discovered about 600 million a password for users stored in clear without encryption months long.

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