Facebook uses artificial intelligence to fight naked pictures of

فيس بوك تستخدم الذكاء الاصطناعي لمحاربة الصور العاريةFacebook uses artificial intelligence to fight naked pictures

Facebook uses artificial intelligence to fight naked pictures

Said network Facebook it’s a different system to a whole new level of artificial intelligence techniques (AI), designed to automatically detect images of naked or semi-naked, before passing for a human to determine whether you should block images or video.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the police can which includes approximately 2 million users now discover the images or videos that contain nudity that are shared without permission on Facebook and Instagram .

This means that Facebook will enable it to find this content before anyone, which is important for two reasons : often victims fear of retaliation, so are reluctant to report the content themselves or they are unaware of the closet it’s been to share content.

Confirmed Facebook it we will expand this pilot program in the coming months so that more people take advantage of this option in case of emergency.

A sign above the company has established also a new page within the security center of him, explaining how the reporting about the publication of pornographic material that belongs to the user, and additional steps that victims can take.

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