Facebook violated users ‘ privacy again, and this time you record voice messages for users

mark zuckerberg - facebook

Invasion of privacy is the phrase most commonly linked with Facebook lately. According to the news agency Bloomberg, has paid the company hundreds of contractors to record voice messages on Facebook Messenger. He said These contractors that they were hearing talks of the users, sometimes the content is trite, but it don’t know why you need a Facebook to record and copy those conversations.

Confirmed Facebook they have done by recording voice messages and said they wouldn’t do that after checking into the practices of other companies. The company announced that it ” just like Apple and Google, we stop the review of the human voice messaging over a week ago “.

The reason behind listening to real people for private conversations is ” to verify whether Facebook has interpreted the message correctly“, which raised the question of why you want social media to know what he’s talking about users. Denied Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in front of Congress before his company had collected voice conversations of users for the purpose of advertising or for help in determining what people see in News Feed News Feed, describing it as a ” conspiracy theory ” in reply to a member of the US Senate, Gary Peters.

However, the company that just up to the microphone users if the user has given the powers to do this investigation and the use of a particular feature actively develop pictures, this feature most likely is a microphone button in the talks to Facebook Messenger.

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