Facebook was gathering data, calls and text messages from Android phones


Come network Facebook is currently a very serious problem, a lack of trust between them and users, so as not to float the scandal of recent privacy on the surface, but it seems that things are about to get worse. This is due to the fact that, according to the tweets of young Dylan McKay, has found out that Facebook had collected data on phone calls and texts on Android device during the last few years.

As has been reported by other users and verified also by the operators of the website ArsTechnica, who explained that Facebook does not actually know the content of your calls or your text messages, but they know information about who called them and when I called them.

While this sounds alarming, it seems that this is something users may be given Facebook access to it without the knowledge. In a statement to ArsTechnica, said a spokesman for Facebook : ” the most important part in the applications and services that help you create communication is to facilitate to find people who you want to call them. So, in the first time you sign in on your phone to the Messaging app or a social app, it is common practice in the beginning is to raise the contacts to your phone “.

It seems that this only affects users of Android devices because iOS does not allow never access the silent to the data calls. Having said that, the good news is that if you grant Facebook access to this information, there is a way to remove your contacts uploaded to facebook.



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