Facebook was on the verge of acquiring a company Unity, according to a new report

Facebook company

The Facebook acquired the company Oculus to make sure that the company has become a major player in the market of virtual reality is growing rapidly. Revealed book new that shortly after this acquisition, the idea of the company is also in the possession of the other company worth billions of dollars to promote its ambitions in virtual reality, this company is Unity, as we all know the mission, they are responsible for the development of the engine of the famous games of the same name, which are used in almost all the games.

The next book entitled ” The History of the future ” by Blake Harris says diving deep into the history of the founding of the Oculus and the story of the acquisition by the company Facebook for $ 3 billion dollars in addition to the lawsuits that followed.

The work of Blake Harris with the Facebook team of public relations closely in the first days to write the book, adding that it enables access to more than 25000 level from various sources, including an e-mail from Mark Zuckerberg contain 2500 word was sent to the CEO of Oculus, Mr. Brenden Iribe, and Sheryl Sandberg, and others of the leaders of the Facebook keynote where he talks about his interest in obtaining company Unity after less than a year of possess a Facebook company Oculus.

If the company decided to go ahead with it, you’ll be Facebook have got the tool to develop the games most sought-after in the arena currently, and probably will have a primary key to attract the largest possible number of developers to virtual reality. It is clear that the transaction did not take place, and continues to company Unity work independently with the assessment of more than $ 3 billion.

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