Facebook was paying$ 20 a month to users of the network to reaching all the activity on their phones

فيسبوك كانت تدفع 20$ شهريًا للمستخدمين الشباب للوصول لكافة نشاطاتهم على الهواتف

We often hear that Facebook is working on obtaining the data and make use of them one way or another without the knowledge of the user simple, but it seems that its policy differed slightly in the recent period. According to a report by website TechCrunch, the company was engaged to pay money to users for young teens to obtain information about their activities on smartphones.

The report stated that the company developed the application of Facebook Research on Android and iOS works to monitor all activities on the phone and send it to the company to take advantage of them. Has confirmed the availability of this program.

Targeted company since 2016 users from 13 to 35 years and pay them$ 20 a month, provided that you get all activity of their phone through the app; such as the use of apps and other data.

In fact, such work even though it is a legal private with the consent of the users, but it is contrary to the policy of Apple on her store especially since iOS apps can’t be downloaded except via which provide for the lack of access to any information of similar users, but it seems that the company wasn’t living what you do Facebook and we don’t know if it will take any action after the release of this report, such as the Delete license Facebook people and only like. It is worth to say that Facebook has directly deleted the app after the report.

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