Facebook: we got rid of three billion fake account

Announced Facebook – as part of its report, the second to develop community standards CSER – deleted the 2.2 million accounts fake in the first quarter of 2019, i.e. between January and March, so this number is slightly less than the active users of 2.38 million per month in all over the world.

The report was the first to apply the community standards has been issued in the month of May, the company said then: she deleted the 1.2 million accounts, fraudulent in the fourth quarter of 2018, and 694 million accounts between the months of October and December 2017.

It is supposed to start a Facebook issue this report every three months starting from next year, instead of twice a year, that includes the data platform Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg said Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of the company on the report: health talks are no less important than any financial reports to know, but understanding the spread of malicious content will help companies and governments to design better systems to deal with it, and I think that every internet service Key should do it.

In explained Alex Schultz Alex Schultz, vice president of Facebook to the amendments, in the publication another some of the reasons behind the sharp increase in fake accounts, saying: if one of the factors is the “the attacks of simplification”, which allegedly do not represent the real damage or even a real risk of harm.

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And these attacks when you create someone a hundred million fake account is removed immediately, Schultz said: if these accounts are deleted very quickly so that the user doesn’t notice any of them, are not included in the accounts of active users.

The company said: it is estimated that 25 out of every 10 thousand share content, such as watching a video or a picture, on Facebook, has violated its policies on violent content, and between 11 and 14 of every 10 thousand share content violated their policies nudity and sexual activity.

Participated Facebook for the first time its efforts to combat the sales of illegal firearms and drugs on its platform, she said: it is increased of proactive detection for both drugs and firearms.

Found their systems were identified during the first quarter 83.3 percent of the offending content relating to drugs, and 69.9 percent of the offending content on firearms.

And Facebook policies that users cannot or manufacturers or retailers to purchase or sell non-medical drugs or marijuana on the house, as no rules allow users to purchase firearms or to sell them or contact them on Facebook, including parts or ammunition.

This includes hate speech a big challenge for Facebook, as it continues the company’s systems and machinery difficulties in defining hate speech and remove it, but this technical move, said Facebook: the proportion of identified proactively increased to 65.4 percent in the first quarter, compared with a ratio of 51.5 percent in the second quarter of 2018.

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