Facebook will allow its employees to work remotely forever

Announced Mark Zuckerberg treatment, executive director of the giant social networking Facebook for provided the possibility of working from home permanently for current employees of the company, and the new more like a cheap employee can be used or not according to his desire.

Added Mark also explained that the company will adopt the method of recruitment after the example of his intention to engineers experienced despite being just 4 hours from the offices of Facebook engineering! Returning to talk about the reality of working remotely mentioned to mark that 50% of Facebook employees stated that they are working with the same efficiency and productivity just as they work in their offices.

Mentioned Mark also that 40% of employees would like to work remote permanently, while mentioned that there is a percentage Bakir of staff who would like to return to work from their offices in the fastest time possible! It is also according to the earlier report on CNBC, the company will adjust salaries of staff members to implement their living conditions, often coming to these modifications increase not decrease.

Source: Mark Zuckerberg

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