Facebook will announce more local news in news feed on the global


The network announced Facebook in the month of January of this year they will begin offering more local news in news feed News Feed. This means that users will see probably more of the newspapers and the local media. This change was limited to the United States in the beginning, has said the Facebook CEO in that time he will be bringing these changes to all over the world as well. The company confirmed today that its focus on local news will be expanding to now include the markets throughout the world.

When Facebook announced about this change for the first time stated the company’s CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg said : ” the local news helps us to understand the issues that matter to our communities and affect our lives “. The company has Facebook made these changes in an attempt to promote content less from the Publisher global response to the criticism mounting that the region has become very political.

Facebook has confirmed today that it is expanding its focus on local news for all countries and languages. Users will see all over the world now news more on Facebook from local sources that cover their current city and other cities that you may be interested in.

According to facebook, it has stated by saying : ” people tell us that they come to Facebook to communicate with friends. As they say that they want to see the news about what is happening in the world and their community. In this month, we announced changes to improve the posts of the priority of the friends and news sources of high quality. Today, we are working on updating the news feed also to give priority to the local news so you can watch content that directly affects you and your community and discover what is happening in your local area ”. In the meantime, the CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg also earlier this year that the news feed ” News Feed ” will become populated with more content from friends.

The announcement comes at a critical time for Facebook, which is now the subject of investigation by the FTC. because of the scandal the privacy that resulted in the leaking of sensitive information of more than 50 million users have been collected by one of the applications.


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