Facebook will be the time to put the original

Said Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of social networking Facebook that he will re-change the comprehensive home page of the company, to view more publications friends and family instead of viral videos and publications pages. He said on his page on Facebook: “I changed the goal to which I gave him to sort our products focus on helping you find the right content, and help you to social interactions is most important”. Was Facebook over the last few years has focused on showing the publications that contain video clips greater in the home page News Feed because of it being the best way in addition to advertising with to reduce publications that appear from friends and family. The application will begin the new system within the next few months with the necessity to increase the interaction of users with the publications of their friends and family through the “comments prolonged” and not just “Thank you” and such comments simple, to their course content desired by the user and reduce the display of the publications of the page public and commercial. Zuckerberg added that the re-publication of friends and family to appear more in the main page will continue to network and focus on the importance of communication between users. On the other hand, it is certain that publishers will notice a decline in the number of visits to their sites and a decrease in the number of times watching the video. Source: Mark Zuckerberg

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