Facebook will begin offering more local news in news feed ” News Feed “


You Facebook continuously change and modify the algorithm to ” news feed | News Feed ” to view the things that you think young people that they charge the user more than others. However, it now appears that Facebook will try to focus on local content more, and in the Declaration on the official blog, The Company has revealed about more of the changes in a news feed so that it will now be more local content in news feed ” News Feed ” of your own.

According to the company Facebook, has stated by saying : ” people tell us that they come to Facebook to communicate with friends. As they say that they want to see the news about what is happening in the world and their community. In this month, we announced changes to improve the posts of the priority of the friends and news sources of high quality. Today, we are working on updating the news feed also to give priority to the local news so you can watch content that directly affects you and your community and discover what is happening in your local area. ”

However, according to facebook, it is expected that these changes to users in the United States first before they make their way to the rest of the places around the world, so these changes can be very useful for those users who are looking for local content.

In the meantime, the CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg also earlier this year that the news feed ” News Feed ” will become populated with more content from friends.


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