Facebook will continue to apply its Moments, on 25 February

فيسبوك ستوقف تطبيقها Moments في 25 فبراير

The company said Facebook that it will close the applied Moments page on 25 February next, Where Should this app be separate from the primary application to the company being allowed to share photos privately among friends, but apparently he didn’t find the audience’s attention enough to stay.

If the application has been launched in 2015, and it is characterized by being similar in the application of the photo Google to a certain extent, which allows users to share pictures among their friends on Facebook, especially without raising it on the network basically.

Commented What Doshi product manager for the investigation, saying “We will support the application of the Moments which was created mainly to save the images users share.” He continued, “We know that the images shared by users is important, so we will continue to provide solutions to the problems of those moments on the Facebook application itself.”

It is worth mentioning that the images on the application of Moments can be lifted in albums on Facebook but it is set automatically to private so can’t be seen only from the person himself, so users can Moments take advantage of the application of the company’s statute on this point.

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